Table 10

Cost-economic analysis of some advanced oxidation processes used for various kinds of wastes
Type of process Type of waste Estimated cost for the process used Reference
UV/H2O2 and UV/TiO2 Synthetic water Electricity costs were assumed fixed over the 15 yr at £0.09 per KW h and hydrogen peroxide fixed at £270 m-3 [43]
H2O2/UV and Fe2+/H2O2 Polyester and acetate fiber dyeing effluent 0.23 ($m-3) and 1.26 ($m-3) [44]
Fe2+/H2O2 4-Chlorophenol and Olive oil Fe2+ 0.2 and H2O2 10 (kg m-3) [45]
Fe2+ 0.7 and H2O2 18 (kg m-3)
Photocatalysis Phenol waste water 43.36 ($/L) for all the process [46]
Photocatalysis Sewage effluent 15.10 ($/L) for all the process [47]
Fenton reagent Phenol waste water 14.28 ($/1000 gallon) [48]
Photo-Fenton Tannery waste water 64.13 (US$ m-3) [49]
Photo-Fenton Pesticides 1.1-1.9 € m-3 [50]

Oliveira et al.

Oliveira et al. Sustainable Chemical Processes 2013 1:20   doi:10.1186/2043-7129-1-20

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