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Sustainable Chemical Processes is currently accepting submissions to the following thematic issues:

Green and Sustainable Solvents

Aims & scope

Sustainable Chemical Processes is a peer reviewed open access journal covering both scientific and engineering aspects of sustainable approaches in chemistry. The broad scope includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Green routes to isolation, purification and synthesis of organic, inorganic or organometallic compounds and materials
  • All aspects of catalysis (including use of nanosized materials) and biocatalysis that lead to sustainable processes. The latter includes biocatalysis in various reaction media. It also includes bioseparation, stabilization and engineering aspects
  • Biomass conversion and use of renewable resources (including valorization of agricultural and industrial waste)
  • Biofuels, biorefineries, and other alternative sources of energy (such as H2 generation and storage, solar cells, fuel cells and photovoltaic cells)
  • Process intensification including flow chemistry
  • Green metrics and sustainability assessment of products and processes (including LCA methods)
  • Microwave and ultrasonic assisted reactions in chemistry, biochemistry and material science
  • Nanotechnology that enhances the sustainability aspects of processes
  • Green electronics and sensors
  • Approaches to reduce water consumption in chemical processes
  • CO2 capture processes

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